Irish Dance Classes in South Dublin

Dance Wear

Irish Dance Costumes

Class Attire

Irish dancing pumps and white poodle socks are required for dancing class. Shorts are suitable but skirts are not unless they are worn with tights or leggings. School uniforms, jeans or baggy trousers are not suitable for dancing class.

Competition Costumes

If a dancer decides to compete in feisanna (Irish dancing competitons), they must be dressed in either a beginners, class or solo costume, depending on their age and level. Beginners now matter what age compete in a beginners costume; these are inexpensive, and last a dancer until they are competition in the beginners "C" competitions, at which time they progress to a class costume. A dancer wears a class costume until they are 9 yrs old, even if they have progressed to pre-open or open grades. At the age of ten and competing in  pre-open or open grades, they will require a solo dress for girls or a solo costume for boys.

Beginner's Outfit

Beginner's Outfit includes a black leotard (purchased from Scoil Rince Seoige), black circular skirt trimmed with white ribbon, white cumberband with celtic design and a black hairband with black and white ribbon (all hired from Scoil Rince Seoige).

Class Costume

Scoil Rince Seoige class costume is made of white and black gaberdine with white and black appliqué and finished with black, white, green and gold embroidery. If a class costume of appropriate size is available, the dancer can pay a contribution towards the cost of the dress; otherwise the class fund contributes 50% of the cost of having a dress made, and the dancer contributes 50%.

Solo Costume

Solo costumes are chosen by the dancer themselves, for their first dress these are typically bought from another dancer. Dancers in Open grades get dresses made, and then sell them on to another dancer at about 50% of the purchase price.


Scoil Rince Seoige tracksuit is a black and white Malley tracksuit suitable to wear to dancing class, to feiseanna or on class trips.

Shoe Exchange

Scoil Rince Seoige shoe exchange is a method by which parents can buy and sell second hand dancing shoes to and from other dancers in the class.

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